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DAMA UK Mentoring Scheme

In an effort to strengthen even further our data management community, DAMA UK has for the last few years been running a successful mentoring service to our members. "Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else." University of Southern California. Mentoring will be offered in the full breadth of information & data management disciplines including data quality management, business intelligence, data warehousing, Extract, Transform & Load (ETL), data migration, metadata management, Data Governance and so on. Additional mentoring might also be made available in wider areas such as programme and project management or consultancy, provided these relate to data management and/or the mentee is working in data management. The program in DAMA will work a little like a dating service where we try and bring potential Mentors and Mentees together in an organized way, offering opportunities for the experienced to share with the inexperienced across many fields The program is facilitated by Nigel Turner. Please review the documents below and if interested please send your completed form for the attention of Nigel Turner at We will triage the responses and see if we can bring the right people together.

There are 2 documents associated with the Mentoring Scheme, see the links below.

DAMA UK Mentoring Webinar  

DAMA UK Mentoring Handbook v2  

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