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Non-DAMA Event - Data and the Future of Financial Services

  • 22 Jan 2020
  • (UTC-00:00)

Non DAMA UK Event - Early bird fee available until 29th of November

"Data is the fuel of any digital economy, and trust in that data is fundamental. As a nation, we have always been pioneers and advocates for transparency and freedom, and we will keep applying those values as we examine how we can make the most of data that is multiplying in scale and sophistication. The great challenge of the digital age is to ensure that data is used safely, ethically and, when possible, transparently.”

Margot James MP, Former Minister of State, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Managing large volumes of data has become an increasingly important part of doing business in the financial services industry. The increased use of sophisticated technology for data analysis and collection requires businesses, policymakers and regulators to keep pace with new techniques and alternative forms of data. Building a strong institutional culture around data governance and the responsible, transparent and ethical use of machine learning and AI have all become priorities for the UK financial services sector.

To assist companies with the above objectives, and to offer a platform on which industry can discuss its ideas and concerns with government, City & Financial Global are organising the ‘The Future of Data in Financial Services Forum: Meeting Emerging Regulatory and Ethical Standards’ in London on 22nd January 2020. As a part of our technology portfolio, this highly topical gathering will build on the success of our earlier technology events: The AI in Legal Services Conference, June 2019; City Week 2019; The Regulation of Cryptocurrencies Summit, November 2019; The Blockchain FS Technology Forum, November 2018; 2nd Robo-Advice and Digital Wealth Summit, September 2018; and The RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum, May 2018.

The summit will bring together leading experts to provide a cross-cutting view of the emerging regulatory and ethical standards for data analytics, processing and management; to examine the data-related developments of most concern to regulators; and to discuss the fundamental changes that lie ahead. The event will also enable c-suite executives to benefit from real life case studies and best practices in the use, collection and sharing of data.

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