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Webinar - UNLEASH YOUR DATA - Data-Driven Transformation, At Scale, At Pace

  • 31 Oct 2022
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • Virtual

UNLEASH YOUR DATA - Data-Driven Transformation, At Scale, At Pace - Dave Knifton

This webinar is the first in a series that has the overarching aim to unleash the data at the heart of any organisation. It is a manifesto for data-centric transformation for an organisation to become innovation-led, data-decision driven and data-democratised with highly automated and agile functions.

The first session establishes the foundations on which the series builds detailed specifications - these make the vision a deliverable reality. An organisation's data related functions and their inter-relationships are made clear and "data buzz-bytes" are condensed into their simple concepts within a shared data vocabulary. Typical data pain points are explored, and the session will indicate how a data blueprint framework can remediate these.

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This series is not technology focused, instead it concentrates on the 'data what', and provides approaches that are can be adopted and adapted to mesh with any organisation's specific requirements. This makes it ideal for all data practitioners to attend, as well as all organisation leaders who want to find out more about liberating data's powerful benefit for their organisation.

My Beliefs

"As an enthusiastic data evangelist, I believe that data is fundamental to the success of any organisation. It must be the bedrock to inform strategy, energise operations and drive innovation. Thus, data should be the critical enabler for organisations to sustainably adapt and thrive. If this is true, then we must ensure that data is pre-eminent in the culture, ways of working and implementations of an organisation. It must be as nourishing and pervasive as the air we breathe, without introducing inertia to change through constant data uncertainty and introspection. 

I am driven to change the hearts and minds of people in an organisation and thus evolve its culture to fully embrace this approach. The key pre-requisite for success is to simplify, share and agree an organisation's definitions of its data. In addition, organisations also require a well-defined data framework built around these definitions that serves as an accelerator to deliver sure-footed, well governed and integrated, data implementations. "

My Background

I have delivered successful data change for over 30 years across the globe and in a wide range of industries.

Recently, I created  www.TheDataGym.biz  expressly to help individuals and organisations get more from their relationship with data. 

In the past I have also: 

  • set up and managed Oracle Education Australia
  • founded two successful consultancies in Sydney and London
  • created a number of commercial web ventures
  • co-architected and delivered CommBank's CommBiz award-winning online capability
  • published a popular series of data architecture books
  • developed course material for US and UK universities
  • been a guest speaker at public seminars
  • established centres of delivery excellence for several clients
  • transformed a derelict London pub to become a thriving community cafe

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