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    • 1 Oct 2021
    • 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Virtual


    The role data can play in fighting climate change and regeneration biodiversity

    presented by Walid Al Saqqaf

    The fight against climate change has been hampered by the lack of standardised trusted data. This has also impacted our ability for science to unlock the value of biodiversity and for multi-stakeholders to collaborate together. Walid Al Saqqaf the CEO of Rebalance Earth will walk you through the important role data can play in fighting climate change and regenerating biodiversity. Rebalance Earth a global ecosystems services platform for valuing and funding a living nature to combat climate change, biodiversity loss and lifting communities out of poverty.
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    • 18 Oct 2021
    • 9:00 AM
    • 20 Oct 2021
    • 5:00 PM
    • Virtual
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    CDMP Boot Camp leading to CDMP certification - run by Chris Bradley

    Limited places available. Members only

    We are delighted to offer the third CDMP preparation course in the UK based on the all new CDMP certification exams. This CDMP exam preparation course covers the core CDMP syllabus, exam coverage, key learning points & exam preparation.

    On the third day, attendees will be able to sit a CDMP exam. The exam price is included in the course fee.

    The course will be delivered by CDMP Fellow Chris Bradley, who as VP for Professional Development has led the renewal of the CDMP exams. Chris has successfully delivered this CDMP preparation course around the world, with classes achieving very high pass rates.

    For more information please check the CDMP website at or contact Chris Bradley
    • 2 Nov 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Virtual

    ODI Summit (Online)

    This year’s focus

    This year’s ODI Summit recognises and celebrates the relationship between people and data; it illuminates what it means for us all to be data people. In it, we’ll explore:

    • How people can have more of a say in the ways data is collected and shared;
    • The skills and tools we need to understand how data is used and misused;
    • How people in organisations are finding new ways to share data across boundaries and borders;
    • The businesses that are using data to build more open, trustworthy relationships with customers and shareholders and getting bottom-line benefits;
    • The ways that artists are investigating the relationships between people and data to encourage conversations about the kind of future we want to create;
    • What we’ve learned about managing a global crisis through understanding people’s health and behaviour data;
    • How, by embracing our roles as data people, we can contribute to a better society, a more robust economy and a sustainable environment.
    • Join two thousand data people from around the world at this year’s online event to enjoy:
    • More than 40 panels, talks, round-table discussions and immersive experiences;
    • Interactive artworks and games;
    • Lively chatrooms and coffee lounges where you can mingle with fellow delegates from other countries and walks of life.

    At ODI, we believe that data can empower people as leaders, consumers, creators and citizens. We look forward to welcoming you to ODI Summit 2021 – Data <> People.

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