Embracing Change: A New Era for DAMA UK and the Data Profession in the UK - Lisa Allen

25 Sep 2023 10:11 | Sue Russell (Administrator)

Embracing Change: A New Era for DAMA UK and the Data Profession in the UK

I’m Lisa Allen, I have the immense pleasure to take on the role of Chair of DAMA UK and I would like to welcome our new committee and extend my heartfelt thanks to the outgoing members. As the Chair of DAMA UK, I am excited to embark on this journey with fresh faces and experienced hands alike, because the next two years are poised to be pivotal for DAMA UK and for the data profession.

First and foremost, I want to express my deep appreciation for the dedication and hard work of our outgoing committee members. Your tireless efforts saw DAMA UK's growth and success. Your commitment to advancing the data profession has not gone unnoticed, and we owe you a debt of gratitude for your invaluable contributions so a heartfelt thanks to Nicola Askham, Ian Chapman, Aktar Ali, Andrew Lunt, Phil Jones and James Tucker.

As we bid farewell to some, we also warmly welcome the new committee. This year we saw more applications to join the committee than ever before. We are grateful to all those who put themselves forward. Our new committee members come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience in the data field. They were voted on by you or co-opted to join. Their enthusiasm and passion for data management is truly inspiring, and I have no doubt we will make significant contributions to DAMA UK's mission.

Looking ahead, the next two years are shaping up to be incredibly important for DAMA UK. Our organisation has grown significantly in recent years and across a diverse range of sectors, both public and private. This reflects the increasing recognition of the importance of the data profession. In an era where data drives decisions across industries, our role as data management professionals has never been more critical. We must continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our members and the data community as a whole.

During the next two years, we will focus on several key priorities:

            1. Membership Growth: We aim to expand our vibrant community, welcoming more professionals into our midst. We’d like to have 3000 members by Dec 2025 to show the strength there is in our profession and continue to learn from each other.

            2. Elevating Industry Standards: Our commitment to raising the bar for our industry includes fostering the growth of certified data professionals and advocating for the recognition of their expertise akin to other professions like accountancy and medicine.

            3. Enhanced Member Support: We recognise the importance of providing unparalleled support to our members, ensuring they have the guidance and resources they need to excel in their careers.

            4. Regular Offerings Review: To stay ahead in the evolving data landscape, we will regularly review and update our offerings to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information, training programs, and resources.

            5. International Collaboration: We value collaboration and knowledge-sharing globally. We seek to foster strong partnerships with other DAMA chapters worldwide to exchange best practices and drive the advancement of data management as a profession.

I am excited about the journey ahead and the positive changes we can make together.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you, our members, for your continued support. Your passion for data management fuels our collective success, and I am confident that with your dedication, the data community in the UK will continue to grow and to thrive.

Here's to a promising future for DAMA UK and the data profession at large. Let's embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and work together to make a lasting impact.

If you’d like to see who is on the committee, you'll find all the great people here.

Lisa Allen

Chair, DAMA UK Committee

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