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Non DAMA Event - Data Management Summit 2020

  • 19 Mar 2020
  • London

The Data Management Summit explores the shift to the new world where data is redefining the operating model and firms are seeking to unlock value via data transformation projects for enterprise gain and competitive edge.

The exciting world of AI, ML and blockchain is starting to deliver revolutionary change. We’ll cut through the hype and show you how you can get your data and data infrastructure ready to take advantage of new capabilities and explore the impact of these technologies on how data is managed through the enterprise.

2020 topics include:

  • Establishing trust – Embedding data ethics and data privacy into your data strategy
  • Unlocking value – laying the foundations for data driven transformation
  • Getting a bang for your buck – how to turn data lineage from a regulatory response into a business advantage
  • Reviewing the regulatory landscape  and future of regulatory reporting in Europe
  • How RegTech can optimise entity data management, improve KYC, AML and Financial Crime
  • Driving value from a data lake with a data catalog
  • Releasing the full potential of your data with semantics, ontologies and knowledge graphs
  • DataOps methodology – why its the next big thing and significant for financial services

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